Get Wired: Breaker Brands

Get Wired With Squires Electric - breaker brands video
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Every property system, electrical or otherwise, eventually experiences some sort of breakdown or failure due to normal wear and tear conditions.  The faster and more accurately you can diagnose the problem, the less costly it will be to repair.  Here’s another Squires Electric troubleshooting tip.

The electrical panel is the main component of any electrical system and even though they may look similar, the sub-components are usually not interchangeable.  It’s sort of like pumping diesel into a car with a gasoline engine: the nozzle will probably fit, but it’s bad news if it happens.

Panels are subject to rigorous testing using specifically-designed circuit breakers. Using a breaker that isn’t designated for the panel, even though it may appear to fit, can compromise proper safety & function. An imperfectly-seated circuit breaker can result in heat build up and possibly even electrical fire.

If you’re unsure about your electrical panel, fear not! We can help. Use the email address in the description that accompanies this video to send us a picture of your electrical panel. We can use a photo to determine if your panel and circuit breakers are compatible.

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