Get Wired With Squires Electric - curb appeal video

The ROI of Curb Appeal for commercial property is considerable. Exterior aesthetics signal to your potential renters what they can expect to find on the other side of the door. This is an opportunity to help attract quality tenants, further increasing the value of your property and surrounding neighborhood. 

Lighting is a key element of curb appeal. Well-planned lighting minimizes liability risks, helping tenants & visitors avoid potential slip, fall and tripping areas1, especially in winter when it gets dark during regular business hours.

Security lighting, including motion sensors and timers, reduce the chances of “bad guys” seeing an opportunity to let themselves in or help themselves to property without being noticed. 

Great lighting can also help showcase architecture and landscaping features, creating an appealing and welcoming sight to tenants and passersby. 

Speaking of landscaping, well-placed trees & shrubs not only improve the property appearance, they can also cut heating AND cooling costs by shading windows, entrances, and other areas that can amplify the sun’s heat.  

Ready to start some curb appeal projects? Squires is ready to help. Just with the lighting though. We’d be happy to refer you to a landscaping company though.

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