Changes in season are good reminders to do some basic maintenance and inspections around your facility or residence.  Here are some key Squires Electric recommendations as we head into Autumn:

  • WALL HEATERS –  Most manufacturers recommend a clean & service every six months. After sitting all summer, dust, debris and who-knows-what-else can pile up and a good cleaning helps prevent fires and extend the life of the heater.   
  • ELECTRICAL OUTLETS  AND GCFI’s – Check your outlets for loose plugs. A loose plug could mean damaged contact points and potential fire hazard. Make sure you push your GFCI test buttons and reset them to make sure they’re functioning properly. 
  • ELECTRIC BLANKETS – Your electric blanket should be certified by an independent safety testing lab such as UL, CSA, or ETL.  Check power cords for any signs of cracking or fraying and never tuck the blanket under a mattress or cover it with a comforter or bedspread while in use. The internal wiring is thin and delicate, so it’s never a good idea to let pets sleep on them.
  • EXTENSION CORDS – Halloween and Holidays mean outdoor decorations and those usually require extension cords.  Only use waterproof electrical devices and keep them covered or wrapped in plastic to prevent water intrusion.

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