Get Wired: Safety Protocols

Get Wired With Squires Electric - safety video

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Squires Electric constantly reviews and critiques the ways we operate to make sure our customers’ best interests always come first. Here’s a look at another of the ways that we’re looking out for you. 

2020 changed the way just about everyone conducts business, requiring a new focus on enhanced precautions to protect everyone’s well being and health. Squires employees have adopted all kinds of new practices to deal with the pandemic..          

  • Our office now features a clean station including hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, cell phone cleaners, masks and gloves.
  • Our service vehicles are equipped with large bottles of hand sanitizer as well as smaller bottles that are carried in our electricians’ tool bags. 
  • Using nitrile gloves for safety and we’re telling our electricians to sanitize their gloves before removing them, and after putting them on as a precaution. 
  •  At the end of every service day, one of our Electricians wipes down the cabs of all service vehicles to prevent any potential spread of germs. .
  • The electrician’s wear masks, to keep them from touching their face during longer service calls where they are touching surfaces. 
  • In some situations, depending on your comfort level, we have bunny suits available for our electricians to use.

We will continue to adjust to the changing circumstances.  We want you to know that YOUR health, safety and wellbeing is our highest priority.  

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