Get Wired: Torque & Clean

Get Wired With Squires Electric - torque & clean video

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Your job as a property manager is complicated! Nearly every aspect of your job affects property value and income potential. Here’s another Squires Electric property management tip! 

When a unit at your property has lost power, the list of possible causes is fairly short. It could be a utility outage, affecting the entire property or neighborhood, or it could be failure of that unit’s service gear.

Components can wear due to corrosive fumes, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures. Little can be done to prevent these failures, but Squires Electric offers a service proven to prolong the life of the service gear and also help identify problems before they require that late-night emergency call.

It’s called a “Torque and Clean”. A Squires electrician opens the meter bases and/or panels, tightening all wiring connections, and cleaning out debris. We also make note of any signs of overheating, arcing, or damaged components and recommend repairs where necessary.

Manufacturers recommend this sort of maintenance every 3-5 years, so if you’ve been surprised by a burned-up breaker or need peace of mind about your aging electrical equipment, call us! 

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