EV CHARGING STATIONS – Get Wired With Squires

Get Wired with Squires Electric - Electric vehicle charging video
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Just like electric vehicles, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are becoming ubiquitous. Business owners and property managers are starting to view them as necessary amenities and, if you’re considering one for your location, Squires Electric can help you through every phase of installation. Here are a few of the factors involved in designing your station.

First, we’ll need to determine the amount of power available. Most electrical services can handle 1 or 2 chargers, but for a bank of charging stations, we’ll need to perform a “load calculation” and see what, if any, modifications to your service gear are necessary. 

If you need to monitor the station’s power consumption or plan to require a charging fee, it will entail some measure of data transmission. This could be communicated via cell tower signals or a wired internet connection. The location of your parking spaces will likely determine the best method for you.

The Squires Electric team is well informed on ALL the available options and can perform the services needed to get your charger running so you (and your tenants) can head out on the highway. Give us a call; we’re here to help. 

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