Get Wired: Fan Controls

Get Wired With Squires Electric - fan control video

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If you manage a large facility or multiple properties, you know how fast a few simple overhead cuts can add up. Here’s another Squires Electric cost-savings tip!

In the Pacific Northwest, ventilation is of the utmost importance! Humid conditions promote the growth of mold and mildew, damaging property and putting residents at risk. Exhaust fans are key in controlling moisture levels and there are strict codes that dictate how they’re controlled.

Local mechanical code requires that new exhaust fans in residential bathrooms operate automatically or have controls that allow the fan to continue running for a specific length of time after the room is vacated. Mechanical and push button timers are the most common controls, but newer technology is available.

A humidistat monitors the humidity in the room and automatically runs the fan until an acceptable level is achieved. They can be set in the wall, but many exhaust fans are available with an integrated humidistat. 

Occupancy sensors automatically start the fan when someone enters the room and run for a pre-set length of time after motion is no longer detected. This is ideal not only for expelling moisture, but also unwanted odors.

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