Get Wired: Workflow

Get Wired With Squires Electric - workflow efficiency video

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Your job as a property manager is complicated! Nearly every aspect of your job affects property value and income potential. Here’s another Squires Electric property management tip! 

It’s hard enough to manage your property without having to also manage your service providers. Maybe you’ve experienced late or no-show service calls, “mathematically challenged” invoicing, and slow or even non-replies to customer support calls and emails. These types of issues are often caused by poor or inefficient processes.  

Squires Electric is committed to making every customer interaction as efficient and attentive as humanly possible. Our expertly-trained electricians are electronically dispatched with iPad interfaces in vans fully-stocked for each job. Our state-of-the-art system tracks & maps each scheduled service call, including timestamps and color codes showing job progress.  This visual perspective allows us to effectively direct our teams, minimizing drive times, enabling fast & efficient service, and saving our customers time & money. We even offer 24/7 Emergency Service Calls!

Our invoicing system is equally state-of-the-art. It’s fast and efficient, with turnaround times of usually just a few days, and it accepts electronic ACH payments for your convenience. We’re also enrolled in all major vendor compliance management systems, so you never have to question whether our insurance & licensing is up-to-date.


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