Get Wired: Lease Turnovers

Get Wired With Squires Electric - property turnovers video

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Your job as a property manager is complicated. You’re tasked with decisions that directly affect property value and income potential, which flows straight down to your net operating income. Here’s another Squires Electric property management tip!

When tenants vacate, you have a prime opportunity to upgrade light fixtures, electrical receptacles, and switches, which will make a huge difference in the unit’s appeal and help shorten the time to find new tenants.

Squires Electric can help you plan these upgrades. We’ll show you a wide array of color and style options, plus make sure the whole system complies with current code. We can also include safety devices like GFCI protection and carbon monoxide or smoke detectors in your plan, ensuring that they’re properly installed and up to date.

Squires Electric is here to help, saving you time and giving you peace of mind, when our trained electricians handle your project needs.   

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